Residential Insulation


What we can do for you

Ceiling Insulation

Heat rises, this means your ceilings are the most important area of your house to insulate. Approximately 42% of heat is lost through your ceiling.

  • We can top up existing insulation where this is possible.

  • We can supply & install a wide variety of Fibreglass, Wool or Polyester

  • We can also install insulation to low roof situations.

  • We will install your insulation according to the manufacturers specifications - 100% guaranteed.





What we can do for you


Although you do not lose a significant amount of heat through your underfloor (approximately 10%), you can gain a lot of cold. This is why it is still very important that you insulate your underfloor even if you have good underlay and carpet.

  • We can remove or flatten any existing draped Foil insulation.

  • We can install quality underfloor products to meet your requirements.

  • We will guarantee the installation of your underfloor insulation will not fall out or sag.




Builders or Developers


What we can do for you

Modern building requirements and regulations result in a wide range of insulation specifications coming through from architects.

We can help with any insulation requirements and supply a wide variety of insulation products.

We cover Whangarei, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, Mangawhai and Kaipara areas, and beyond if required.


  • We can take care of all your ceilings, wall and underfloor requirements.

  • We supply & install sound proofing products for internal walls and between floors.