Terra Lana

Superior Natural Warmth


Terra Lana

Enhancing your Home, Comfort, Health & Future

Terra Lana will not only enhance your home by making it warmer longer and easier to heat, but more healthy too. When tomorrow finally comes, you’ll appreciate the advantages on energy, on health, home maintenance, not having to re-insulate, and on environmental impact. We have heard it so many times before “once you have insulated with wool you will never look back." Wrap your home in the superior natural warmth of Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation ~ it’s the natural choice for your home, family and future.


Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation is a high performance, natural, healthy, cost effective, enduring, environmentally friendly New Zealand product with unique advantages.




There’s not much that’s more valuable than your family's health. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of respiratory illness in the OECD countries, proven to be related to cold, damp housing - also shown to lead to ailments like bronchitis, allergies and infectious skin diseases. A well insulated home is proven to be healthier.


Terra Lana goes beyond the call of duty here – not only does it insulate your home exceptionally well, it can provide further health benefits too, such as reducing moisture and toxins in the air. You’ll never regret opting for the healthier choice.