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Knauf Earthwool manufactures a wide range of glass and rock mineral wool products for a wide variety of applications. Earthwool® glasswool insulation segments and rolls are extremely versatile and can be used in applications from wall and ceiling insulation to HVAC and industrial applications.


Earthwool glasswool is rot-proof, odourless, non-hygroscopic, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. It is chemically neutral, does not contain impurities and comes with a 50 year warranty.

What is Earthwool glasswool insulation?

Earthwool® glasswool insulation is a high performance glasswool insulation product with combined energy saving, sound absorbing and fire resistance features. The natural brown colour of Earthwool® glasswool insulation comes from the use of revolutionary ECOSE® Technology.


Earthwool glasswool insulation provides installers and home-owners with unrivalled benefits not associated with traditional glasswool or polyester: Manufactured using recycled glass bottles, naturally occurring raw materials and bonded using a bio-based technology with no added formaldehyde, phenols, acrylics, artificial colours, bleaches or dyes.

 - Compression packed to reduce handling

- Non-combustibility - it cannot catch fire
- 'Super-soft' fibre for easier installation - virtually itch free
- Low dust
- No added artificial colour - it's naturally brown- No chemical smell
- No chemical smell
- No added phenol or formaldehyde for enhanced indoor air quality

Earthwool glasswool insulation represents a new benchmark for sustainability in construction in New Zealand.



ECOSE Technology

Knauf Insulation has launched a new generation of glasswool using patented ECOSE® Technology which reduces the product's embodied energy and delivers superior environmental sustainability.


With glasswool insulation made using recycled glass bottles and also being highly compression packed, it is already ranked in independent sustainability tables as the best performing insulation in terms of low environmental impact - even better than sheep's wool according to the Green Guide for Specification in England.


ECOSE Technology extends the leading position of glasswool and as a result, Knauf Insulation's Earthwool® glasswool insulation products provide Australasia with a new choice of highly sustainable insulation. Earthwool glasswool insulation products made using ECOSE Technology benefit from a binder which has no added formaldehyde and is based on renewable bio-based materials instead of traditional petroleum-based chemicals.


The technology has been developed for Knauf Insulation's glasswool and rock mineral wool products, enhancing our environmental credentials whilst maintaining the thermal, acoustic and fire performance and mechanical properties.

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