About Us

greenstuf-doc-image-1We are a specialist insulation company based in Whangarei, with over 20 years in the insulation business. Northland Insulation Ltd has been operated by Warrick Rusk since 1999.

Using Northland Insulation will save you money on insulation because : We only deal in insulation. By using the best product for your situation, your insulation preferences/needs will be met. We measure and quote accurately. We source direct from the manufacturers so our overheads are lower and so are our prices. We supply and install insulation in new and existing homes and commercial buildings throughout Whangarei, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, Mangawhai and Kaipara areasWe are dedicated to working with you (the builder/homeowner) to achieve the best possible insulation results for your needs. Call us at Northland Insulation Ltd for a free no obligation quote.

<h1>Home insulation services</h1>
<p>To make living in a private house comfortable, builders use a wide range of insulative materials. Mainly it concerns thermal insulation to reduce airflow from indoors to outdoors and vice versa. The insulation project is designed at the first stages of house construction, along with the project of the future building, although it’s possible to insulate your existing cottage, using polystyrene, mineral wool and other insulation materials.</p><p>In the northern part of New Zealand you can take advantage of home insulation Northland, Whangarei by the building companies, providing all types of insulation services:</p>
<li>&bull; Thermal;</li>
<li>&bull; Heat barriers;</li>
<li>&bull; Basement waterproofing;</li>
<li>&bull; Insulation of walls, which are made of various materials: brick, concrete, wood.</li>
<p>Modern composite materials provide a robust barrier to cold, heat, moisture, vaporization and condensation, they are easy to install, have little weight, don’t overweigh the basement. The specialists utilize different approaches to prevent problems. For example, it is vital to make thermal bridges — small holes or points in the insulation envelop through which ventilation occurs. Thanks to them mold & mildew do not appear in the inner cavities, on the walls and under the floor.
Basement waterproofing is crucial for the houses, built on moist soils. Hydro-barriers keep your basement dry in any season, moisture won’t do any harm to your walls, the inner climate will remain optimal for comfort living.</p>
<p>What are the types of insulation services, you need to order?</p>
<li>1. Underfloor insulation — floor is due to about 10% of heat loss, underfloor insulation not only blocks the heat loss, but also provides hydro-barriers;</li>
<li>2. Ceiling insulation — vital for maintaining pleasing cold inside during hot seasons, and blocks heat loss, when it’s cold outside;</li>
<li>3. Walls insulation — building companies install insulating panels on the walls of a house which is being built at the moment, or you can order insulation for existing buildings.</li>
<p>You’ll be absolutely satisfied with the outcome, if entrust these works to the qualified builders in Northland Whangarei.</p>